About Me...

"Before the battle of the fist, is the battle of the mind..." The golden words of Master Shifu (The

In a nutshell...

UX Designer

Creating user stories, conducting user research and usability tests. Designing web and mobile applications for businesses and consumers.

Product Owner

Building and releasing digital products using agile software development principles.

Digital Marketer

Began my career as digital media marketer for mid- sized enterprises, marketing agencies and startups in 2007.

Crisis Counselor

Crisis Text Line is a platform dedicated to helping individuals in mental crisis. In late 2017, I completed my training & joined CTL to support their cause.

WordPress Power User

Using the WordPress CMS to build responsive websites for small to medium businesses since 2013.


Running multiple blogs, since 2017, covering topics about creative tech, UX, succulents, and cooking.



Inbound & UX Consultation

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