About Me

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Hiral Bhatt-Gupta, a marketing consultant, blogger, and user experience designer. I live in the queen city, Charlotte, and along with the team at Pix Reef Studios, I work with small businesses and startups to build digital products for consumers and get their teams inbound ready.  

Life At Home

Born in Mumbai, India, and growing up in Rochester, NY, I couldn’t have asked for a more versatile exposure. With a family background in Indian politics and moviemaking, it wasn’t long before the movie bug caught me as well. I spent my working life hovering Bollywood as a news reporter in Mumbai.

With a desperate attempt to build the bridge between Hollywood news and their fans in South Asia, I launched a blog and met IT consultant who was expensive but made it up by being a great WordPress guide. One year later, we met. Then began the six month era of WordPress, Google, DC & Marvel trivia over coffee, and dinner dates with Netflix.  

One morning in 2013, I got an email from him with a link to the website, willyoube.hiralgupta.com. The site had a little button with yes and no, I (obviously) clicked yes!

One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.

~ Master Oogway

After I was diagnosed with anxiety in 2015, my hunt for natural ways to combat anxiety began. Till today, I believe my five magic pills to fight anxiety and depression have been books, dogs, crafts, cooking, and gardening. Ironically, these were my least favorite things to do growing up (minus the dogs)! My mini gardens have their own Instagram account: @NINEGARDENS – a channel dedicated to all my gardening updates and videos. 

Life At Work

I’ve built and managed businesses & products from the ground up and have worked with enterprises to increase their brand awareness, generate leads & maximize their ROI. An expert of translating complex ideas into user-friendly, successful digital products, I’ve put a team together with a vision to build digital products for consumers and founded a marketing & design studio Pix Reef Studios LLC.

Key areas of experience include User Experience and Usability, Digital Marketing, WordPress, Scrum-Agile, Content Planning and Product Ownership for websites & mobile applications. Over the years my work profile also included graphic designing, photography, coding & social media marketing.

Meet The Boss Baby!

Meet Barney! A spoiled, 7-year-old Shih Tzu, that looks like Chewbacca but sounds like Darthwader when he snores. Loves all of his beds and needs his treats and food to be lying around outside the bowl and not in it.