Hi, Welcome to my personal blog!

I am Hiral Gupta, the founder and UX designer at Pix Reef Studios in Charlotte, NC and a blogger at Artron Creatives.

More About Me

Founder & User Experience Designer

With a team of engineers and artists, I help create digital experiences for consumers and businesses at Pix Reef Studios, a digital designing, development and marketing startup in Charlotte. As a UX Designer I help design applications for technologies including web, mobile, and wearable devices. Check out my latest projects on pixreef.com

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UX Blogger

In early 2017, I began documenting my research about user experience designing and digital storytelling on the blog, Artron. With an aim to make Artron Creatives a community of UX designers, Animators and creative technology enthusiasts, I frequently contribute UX tips and reviews on the blog. Check out my recent posts on Artron along with expert product and software reviews, industry updates and tutorials.

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