Reviewing Pigment – The Smart Coloring Book for adults

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The concept of adult coloring books was introduced to me last August when a participant at one of the anxiety meet ups in Greenville, SC told me how she used puzzles and drawing as a way to get over her depression. A few days later, I picked up an adult coloring book while shopping at Sam’s Club, along with a pack of colored pencils. I’l admit it, coloring has a therapeutical effect and helps you glide through anxious, panic and manic episodes. Detailed coloring, repetitive use of colors aided in guiding my emotions, increase my focus and regulate hyperventilating during panic attacks. Pro tip: Read more about color therapy and what colors can you use to use to direct your emotions back to sanity.

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United States Citizenship Process for Permanent Residents

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As the President-elect Donald Trump’s nomination got official and his election campaign against immigrants grew stronger, so did my mother’s (and her friends, her co-workers, neighbors, family in India) paranoia about getting her citizenship done, before he decides to evict immigrants. So I began looking into the documents for her. I’ve put down the process for those who make look at getting their citizenship but hate the paperwork.

USCIS has made it really easy to speed up the process. The site is up to date with forms and instructions. You don’t need a immigration layer until and unless you have a rare special case.

  1. Determine your eligibility:
    You must…
    – Be 18 years or older to apply
    – Have a valid Green card for at least 5 years
    – Have a stayed for a minimum of 30 months in those 5 years.
    – Have lived on the address mentioned in the application for a minimum of 3 months.
  2. Collect The Documents:
    – Fill out the N-400 (click here to download the form and instructions. You will be redirected to the USCIS website.)
    – You’ll need a Valid Photo ID like a driver’s license or state ID.
    – Photographs: 2 identical color photographs, with your name and Alien Registration Number (A-Number) written lightly in pencil on the back of each photo.
    – Copy of you Passport
    – Copy of your Greencard (front and back)
    – Copy of your birth certificate or related documents
    – The list of ALL required documents including for those married to US citizens, IRS penalties, convicted or have lived or worked outside the US, is available on the USCIS website.
  3. Fees:
    – Payments are excepted in the form of Credit/Debit Cards, Cashier’s check, money order payable to the Department of Homeland Security.
    – $640, effective 12 a.m. Eastern U.S. time, December 23, 2016. (Add the $85 biometric fee for a total of $725, where applicable.
    – Applicants over 75 are exempted from the biometric fee.
    – Use the Form G-1450 to authorize Credit Card transactions.
  4. Send the documents to the appropriate office based on your region and wait patiently.
  5. You should get a letter in about 3-6 weeks mentioning that your application is accepted or if they need additional paper work. (My mom’s documents came back because we forgot to add her sign to one of the pages. So we resent the documents and got the acceptance letter a few weeks later.)
  6.  You’ll then get a biometric appointment. It’s a 5 min process where they’ll take your finger prints and photographs. Make sure to carry all your documents, including passport, license and Green card to the appointment, along with the USCIS acceptance letter and biometric appointment letter. (Pro Tip: Make one folder for your process and all the incoming letters in there)
  7. After your biometrics are taken, in a month or two you should get the date and time of your interview. The interview is a really easy 20 minute process. If you are aware of current news affairs and basic American history and some Capitol Hill trivia, you are good to go. You will be asked about your background and details of any out of country trip you might have taken. They give the answer on the spot. If you’ve passed, you’ll get a letter for your oath ceremony in the mail, about a month after the interview.


My mom passed her interview and her oath ceremony is on Feb 3rd, I shall update this space once I know what goes there and the process after that.

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When is “too much” for a Unified Fight Against Cyber Bullying?

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There was a time when I lived in South Carolina at often used Facebook and Twitter to voice my personal updates and stories. I wrote about an encounter with a racist guy, so I posted about him on my account. As the hours passed by, my family and a few close friends started calling me up and asked (read: commanded) that I take the post down. My uncle was so paranoid that he was sure I would get arrested about writing about him.

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Is Envato Elements Worth It?

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Envato, the leading marketplace for graphic elements like icons and brushes, stock footage, CMS, Muse themes and templates and animations, recently launched Envato Elements. I’ve been using Envato for WordPress Themes and graphic assets for the last three years. Not all of their themes have lived up to standard WordPress coding, but a few themes like Newspaper, X Theme, Juipter have surpassed all standards for beautiful, well coded websites. Their graphics are perfect, in trend and easy to customize. Each item however was priced individually, and frequently using their products wasn’t easy on the pocket either. To solve this, Envato introduced the Envato Elements.

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Getting Started with Calligraphy

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Mastering the art of Calligraphy has been long over due on my bucket list. I was first introduced to Calligraphy when I was 15, my best bud Sneha Nair, filled the back of her note books with beautiful cursive typography. Since then I’ve been a fan of this ancient art. But as you grow up, hobbies phase out and you only end up learning what will help you get a job.

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