Weekend at Jaipur

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Three nights and four days, that’s all it took to call the pink city, our second home. While Udaipur is a getaway from mundane life, Jaipur has a city’s chaos dressed in Rajasthan’s culture. Palaces are surrounded by shops and food joints, and your experience of a royal getaway is crushed with hawkers and tour guides.

Jaipur is a perfect example of a city in 2016 run by kings. Being a trade capital for fabrics, handicrafts and spices, the city is busy with businesses, wholesale stores while the palaces attract a lot of tourists.


We spent a lot of time at the Jantar Mantar (labs for ancient astronomers) and at Choki Dhani. Choki Dhani is a Rajasthani restaurant with a village like setup. The entire restaurant is spread out, with huts dedicated to different appetizers and sweets. You can get Henna done, or watch a puppet or magic show. There’s lots to do for foodies and for kids. A food plaza seats everyone in turns and you can feast in the open opposite a fireplace. The waiter goes  the extra mile to make sure you’ve tried everything.

My friend and I went a little overboard with the shopping for Bandani Sarees. You have to bargain a little bit (it’s really fun) and you can get the best sarees that are worth INR 3K-5K for under INR 1K.

We lived at the IBIS Hotel for 3K a night while our friends stayed at Uday Singh Palace for the same price. We booked a Tata Nano car to get around as our friends had flown in from Mumbai and we had taken a train from New Delhi.

Special tip for photographers: Please pack an extra set of camera batteries and rent (if you don’t have one already) the Telephoto Lens.

Special tip for those who don’t walk as much: Pack your most comfortable pair, and always have water around. Those afraid of Monkeys: Please stay in the hotel.


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