Why I’ll never plant spuds from store brought potatoes | Growing Potatoes in Containers

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We’re growing our own food using leftovers and cuttings, we advance by using organic pesticides and fertilizers, but is the produce from our gardens really organic and safe? Growing potatoes in containers are not that difficult, but now organic are they?

After successfully growing easy vegetables like mint, garlic, and tomatoes, I was looking at a bigger challenge for my vegetable container garden. Growing potatoes at home, organically, without rotting them is one complex project. Thankfully, all you need is a HUGE container, LOTS of potting soil and 4-5 seed potatoes or store bought potatoes that have begun growing spuds. Growing potatoes in containers & small spaces can be tedious and may not result in a lot of produce, but the more containers you can stack up on your balcony or patio, the better.

While researching on the best season and watering tips, I stumbled upon a video on growing potatoes in containers, which has a detailed tutorial on growing potatoes in containers. Thanks to the California Gardening vlogger, who revealed in one of his videos that grocery stores spray growing inhibitors on potatoes to prevent them from growing spuds while unsold. Most stores have sprays that have ingredients which mess with their hormones and are not safe for human consumption. Additionally, you may not experience a positive, healthy propagation.  The healthier alternative is to buy non-GMO and organic seed potatoes from local nurseries or Amazon.  Here’s the complete video on growing potatoes in containers along with the tip on why you shouldn’t grow potatoes from store bought ones.

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